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Our founder, Miss Fiona Gan, is an entrepreneur and a beauty specialist who develops her dreams in providing skincare wellness to cater to the diversified needs and desires of many individuals, making us one of the forerunners in the health and beauty service industry.

To further expand our business, we established Kiseki Marketing Sdn Bhd in 2005 and made it a centre for beauty strategies and innovative skincare, slimming and hair care product solutions. With Fiona’s acute entrepreneurship, Kiseki Marketing Sdn Bhd has been constantly growing and expanding this past decade, into a team of skillful and talented professionals.

To date, Kiseki Marketing Sdn Bhd has already proven its credibility by owning over 15 beauty outlets nationwide, with more than 150 staff, consisting of HQ professionals, beauticians, sales specialists, customer care personnel and certified medical practitioners.

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While we strive to be the leading skincare and wellness group, our utmost priority is our clients and our vision is to provide the best customized services to cater to different beauty needs and desires.


  • Educate and provide a beauty solutions while providing healthier choices to our clients
  • Confidently incorporate superior choices into their everyday lives and work towards a healthier, enhanced skin
  • To act and serve to be the One-Stop beauty center


Passion in extending our knowledge of beauty to another level, in both scientific and natural elements. Passion in bringing wellness, beauty and self confidence to men and women everywhere.

Beauty is an unending pursuit of breakthroughs and discovery, therefore, innovation is essential in our quest. Innovation is where we constantly pushing the limits of knowledge and to take up the initiative to always be one step ahead.

We strive for excellence in our effort to offer the best for our clients. We made sure every aspect of our business is infused with excellence – our services, quality of our products, research and development and especially our customer care specialties.

As one of the forerunners in health and beauty industry, it is our responsibility to be concern for the effectiveness, safety and quality of the products and ingredients we uses. But our responsibility goes beyond just that, we continuously ensure our working environment will contribute to the well-being of our employees and communities around us.

From the beginning, Kiseki Marketing has always placed an importance in advanced research, innovation and development to further understand the skin, making revolutionary breakthroughs and create outstanding formulas.

Understanding the skin

The skin is the biggest organ of our body, encasing us from top to toe. The skin role is not only to protect but also the direct contact to the outside world. Being exposed to various factors, both external and internal, the skin, especially the delicate facial skin required more attention than other parts of the body. That’s where our focus is.

Science, Nature & Technology

For over a decade, our labs use the most in depth research method through advanced scientific knowledge about skin and discovering various new active ingredients that can benefit the skin health and capable to generate proven results. Our active ingredients are 100% natural, and with unique formulation technology from our lab partners in Europe, USA, South Africa and East Asia, we are capable in developing state-of-the-art machines and different categories of products that will cater to any skin types and conditions safely and effectively.

Safe, Effective & Trustworthy

Kiseki Marketing also ensure a detailed and accurate evaluation practices on our products, equipments and also our methodology. We constantly made sure our products and equipments are safe, effective and of highest quality to be used with complete trust.

  • award1Certificate of Registration Canade
  • award2Top Asia Pacific Golden Brand Products 2007
    2007 年亚太杰出金牌产品奖
  • award3The 5th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2006
  • award4Certificate of Ultra V Lift
    韩国Ultra V Lift证书
  • award5Director of Pharmaceutical Services Ministry of Healthy Malaysia Notification Note
  • award6EC Certificate Canada
  • award7Setsco Servics PTE LTD Test Report Singapore
  • award8Medical Device Licence Canada
  • award9Laboratory Certificate United States
  • award10Certificate of KFDA
  • award11Beauty, Slimming & Hair Care Industry Trusted Brand Award 2006
In the ever changing global community, we are committed to play our part in contributing to the overall health and wellness of our communities and the preservation of the eco-system. In any ways, we give our continuous support in volunteering, charity funds, and daily provisions for the needy. We also constantly reviewing and improving our efforts in lessen our impact on the environment, educating and nurturing a workplace with sense of awareness and conduct responsible business practices such as paper usage and implementing recycling habits.